Iron Sun, version Alpha 0.1

Here, you can play the web demo of my new game.


  • Mouse – aiming
  • W-A-S-D – walk, +Shift – run
  • Space – jump
  • Ctrl – crouch (may cause glitches in web version)
  • E – take item
  • LMB – shoot
  • R – reload
  • 1-2-3-4 and mouse scroll – select weapon


  • Q: Why so many freezes?
    A: This is a web demo, main purpose of it – to let people know about me and my game. Final version for PC will not make freezes.
  • Q: Why so ugly? Squalid models, soapy textures…
    A: Web demo means low graphics quality (textures are compressed, and so on). Models are optimised for working even on low-end PC. Also, I think they are good enough. Also, main goal of the game – gameplay like in classic shooters, so, the picture isn’t at first place.
  • Q: Why so strange? Previously you told about far planets and grim ambiance, but in demo there is just a forest with a mess of models…
    A: This is a debug scene, here I make weapons, debug the core of the game and blow up the barrels. Other planets and Grim Stylistics ™ will be in future versions, and this level, in a highly modified form, may come into play as a tutorial (boot camp).
  • Q: Why are there so few weapons, no first-aid kits and no enemies?
    A: The weapon are making, first-aid kits are packing, the enemies are training on other scene. All will be in the next versions.
  • Q: Will the game be for the web only?
    A: No, for PC. I’m planning to sell it through Steam.
  • Q: When you plan to release it?
    A: Probably, october.