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Warming up in AR

Augmented Reality or AR is an extremely interesting subject that I have wanted to work with for a long time. I have a lot of experience creating VR apps, but I like AR more. Unfortunately, I haven’t done AR for about eight months – I was busy on another project. But last weekend I analyzed modern technologies for creating AR apps, and for the warm-up I created a small application that I called “AR FCM” – “Fast Currency Meter” – I meaning, the meter of ruble exchange rate.

Sometimes you look at a banknote and you need to understand: “And how much is this in dollars?” To understand this is not trivial – you have to google the exchange rate, then calculate this all… And here you can augment reality! With the help of “FCM”, you can simply “look” with your smartphone at a banknote and the application will display its current price in one of 34 currencies to choose from.

The application is completely free, you can download it on Google Play.

WARNING! App available only in russian language yet, because it’s just a training, educational project. If it becomes popular, I, maybe, add other languages.