Release – at November, 6

In recent days, I have been working a lot on the game, and there is definitely no time to write any news. However, it is necessary to inform you all, that release is planned at November, 6!

Soon I’ll share a link to a page of the game in Steam, and a publish a videos of the game process.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make all what planned for the game, so at first I’ll publish the Chapter 1 – the first part of story (a huge level with 5 battle zones) and the “Last Stand” mode (time fight against the waves of monsters).

Why is that? All is simple – the money is running out, and I can’t longer ignore other work, focusing only on the development of Iron Sun. Therefore, I publish what is. If you like the game and it get at least 5000 downloads in a first month, then I will finish the rest of the parts.

Here is some new screenshots: